Social Support for Vulnerable Populations within Hepatitis C Treatment and Management Program

Objective: to provide social support for vulnerable populations, using a case management approach, during treatment of hepatitis C virus with innovative direct-acting antiviral agents to ensure adherence and effective treatment.


Key project objectives:


Participate in patient selection and enrollment in treatment (according to enrollment criteria) through creating a multidisciplinary model of attracting and managing project clients. Provide counseling to vulnerable populations about hepatitis C treatment opportunities; represent the interests of target populations in public healthcare institutions. Provide social support to each client using a case management approach and ensure adherence to and retention in hepatitis C treatment. Carry out activities aimed at preventing reinfection.


Target populations: vulnerable populations with HIV/Hepatitis C virus co-infection or Hepatitis C monoinfection, who are clients of HIV prevention projects or projects promoting adherence to ART and social support.


Project amplifies the impact of the  National Targeted Social Program for Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Viral Hepatitis Until 2016 and implemented in partnership with the Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 5 and Kyiv Regional Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS with financial support from ICF Alliance for Public Health in 2016.