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Convictus Ukraine remember Jurek Domaradzki

Convictus Ukraine

Ten years ago, one of the founders of Convictus Ukraine, Jurek Domaradzki (1949-2011), made a fact-finding mission to Ukraine to investigate the possibilities of supporting the HIV positive and persons living with a drug addiction. This resulted in the creation of Convictus Ukraine.

He was passionate about human rights, human equality and specifically treatment and meetings with HIV-positive groups. Jurek was deeply committed to the situation regarding HIV prevention, treatment and care in Eastern Europe, he worked as a trainer in Ukraine and Russia and several countries in Europe. He was involved in many debates, writing articles and giving interviews on the topic. Jurek was one of the initiators of the first world congress for PLWHA in Warsaw in 1999 and was one of the moderators during the congress. He composed the text for the official song of the congress: “What’s the colour of your hope”. Through the text he wanted to encourage everyone to paint every morning in color, despite sickness.

Jurek was of Polish origin and he moved to Sweden in 1975 for an extended study and comparison of the Swedish and Polish legislations. He decided to stay in Sweden and continued to live in the City of Malmo in south Sweden. His contributions of the early years of Convictus Ukraine were essential for the development of the organisation and he helped significantly in strengthening the overall work in Ukraine related to the HIV positive and their rights. For many years he was involved in, and cooperated with, various organizations both in Ukraine and in Sweden as well as internationally, among some of them, Convictus, AFEW, International HIV/AIDS Alliance, GNP+, EATG, Noaks Ark, and HIV Sweden.

Jurek would on May the 10th have celebrated his 65th birthday. Many people miss him deeply and think of him and his deeds. Some of us may also have gained decent living conditions thanks to his pioneer work. He lives on in our memories.

About 800 substitution therapy patients may become the first refugees from the Crimea!

As of today the stock of medicines for opioid substitution therapy (OST) available on the peninsula, i.e. methadone and buprenorphine, is sufficient for several weeks only. In Sevastopol the situation is the most critical, as OST sites in this city were compelled to start decreasing patients’ dosage. As you know, OST and medicines for it are prohibited in Russian Federation, thus these drugs may be supplied only from the inland part of Ukraine. Since all the highways to the Crimea are now being blocked by armed men, medicines supply is impossible (each batch of the narcotic drugs must be attended by an armed police squad).

Annual report All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization "Convictus Ukraine" (2013)

  1. Місія та принципи, стратегічні напрями діяльності
  2. Історія організації
  3. Структура організації
  4. Зменшення випадків передачі ВІЛ та інших соціально небезпечних хвороб
  5. Забезпечення умов для успішноїреінтеграції у суспільство осіб, які звільняються з місць позбавлення волі
  6. Здійснення впливу на політику та законодавство у сфері громадського здоров'я шляхом адвокації і впровадження ін


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