Why it's important to make sure Ukrainians are disease-free

Nowadays the spread of viral hepatitis, tuberculosis and HIV is wide-spread in Ukraine as well as in the Kyiv region. Today 12th of May  preventive сampaign was organized by Convictus Ukraine in the central Vasylkiv hospital showed that access to diagnosis - stimulates the desire of people to take care about their own health.

12th of May in 9:00 am everyone from Vasylkiv  could take part in the information and prevention campaign - Prevention is the future of the nation and get tested for HIV, TB and hepatitis C. Near the entrance of the Vasylkiv hospital everyone can get detailed information about the common diseases such as hepatitis, TB, HIV\AIDS and get tested for free.Totally 80 people used fluorography service, measured the blood pressure. HIV tests used 53 people, of which one person has HIV-positive result and and was sent to the office "Dovira" in the Vasylkiv hospital and 2 persons were suspected for tuberculosis.