Convictus Ukraine presented the project of innovation center for adolescents who use drugs

6th of April in the state administration of Desnyanskiy district in Kyiv  there was a meeting  of governmental and non-governmental organizations.
 Problematic issues and urgent assistance to drug addicts and prevention of drug use among young people were the main topics of discussion. Public officials and civil activists discussed the interaction of social work professionals in the context of comprehensive social services to drug users and their immediate surroundings. In this discussion participated actively representatives from Convictus Ukraine.
We would like to say in a few words on the implementation of project in Kyiv. It will be recalled that the project started in Kyiv in January 2016 and aims at providing prevention services to adolescents who use drugs to build skills for healthy living and prevent transition to injection drug use. In the begining of April Convictus Ukraine has pushed forward nnovation center Street Power for teenagers in difficult circustances where they can receive various services: HIV testing, medical and social support, harm reduction trainings, professional counseling, legal advice, exciting games, hobby classes and leisure time activities.Since the main problem is that in Kyiv and in other major cities of Ukraine has not established any such centers  for students of schools. Of course, most of students in Kyiv have many opportunities to go to clubs, paid sections, develop their own talents in sports, music, but not all have the motivation and want to do it. The main concept of this innovation center  -  to work with each other, prevention of drug use, mutual training courses, workshops, informal education, which increases the value of a shared workspaces and personal self-development. Teenagers from different Kyiv districts and schools have here  Wi-Fi, biscuits, sport trainings, video games and educational programs. Everything here for teenagers is completely for free.