About us

Who are we?
A Team that works to provide equal opportunities for every person.
Our Mission - to help vulnerable groups of people to improve the quality of their life

To fulfill its mission, "CONVICTUS UKRAINE" utilizes several basic approaches:

  • developing organizational capacity and cooperation;
  • overcoming stigma and discrimination towards vulnerable groups;
  • professional approach to the provision of services for the target groups;
  • unity of vision and commitment to the Organization's mission;
  • flexibility in responding to changing drug scene, legislation and other influences.

Our values:

Democratic governance — involvement of members in decision-making, transparency of internal policies and procedures, alignment with the Organization’s mission.

Responsiveness/focus on the needs of our clients — clear focus on the needs of vulnerable groups, prompt identification and response to changing drug scene, legislation and other influences.

Planning and development — vision of future prospects, planning and risk management.

Team work and reliable performance of our duties to members, partners and donors.

Positive image and unity — common approach in work, building a team of professionals and associates, working for common results.

The motto of our team — "Unity for the Future!"

Principles that we follow:

  • respect for the person;
  • promoting healthy lifestyles;
  • no distinction based on social status, gender, physical and psychological state, religion and political views;
  • tolerance;
  • involvement of target groups in social work based on a “peer to peer” principle;
  • comprehensive approach to solving the problem of drug use, including a rational combination of primary prevention, harm reduction and rehabilitation;
  • joining efforts and partnership with community and government organizations, medical institutions and individuals in solving the problems of drug abuse, HIV/AIDS and other social hazards;
  • confidentiality and anonymity of information entrusted to us;
  • no political and religious preferences in the Organization’s activities;
  • openness to cooperation.

Our target groups:

  • drug users;
  • commercial sex workers;
  • probationers for crimes related to drug use;
  • former female convicts;
  • youth (under 25 years old);
  • local authorities and government agencies.

The Organization’s Strategic Activity Areas for 2013-2016:

  • Reducing the risks of transmission of HIV and other socially dangerous diseases (STI, TB and hepatitis) among vulnerable populations
  • Providing conditions for ex-convicts for their successful reintegration into society
  • Strengthening the institutional capacity of CONVICTUS UKRAINE
What we are proud of?
  • Trust of our Customers 
  • Positive changes in the lives of our customers
  • Trust of our partners
  • Research activity
  • Innovative approach
  • Expert consulting
  • Prospective view and focus on successful international experience

History of the organization

Organization "Convictus" was founded in Sweden in 1986. Its founders were HIV-positive people who have decided to unite together to fight the HIV epidemic.

In Stockholm centers "Convictus' have been working with HIV positive persons, drug addicts, homeless persons, and alcoholics for 20 years. For people who created All sorts of conditions are created for people to help them to start a new life.

Under the support of Swedish organization "Convictus" in October 2002 "Convictus Estonia" was established. The organization is engaged in harm reduction programs, drug counseling, work in prisons, it organizes and conducts support groups for HIV-positive people. "Convictus Estonia" is actively involved in campaigns against discrimination and stigmatization of people who use drugs.

Under the support of Swedish organization "Convictus", Swedish International Development Agency  Sida, in 2006, "Convictus" started its work in Ukraine.

  • Registration date: June 14th, 2007
  • Document No.: ser. AO1 Sertificate No. 625752
  • Issued by: Shevchenkivska Regional State Administration in Kiev
  • Founders: NGO Convictus Sweden